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Teachers & Education Leaders PD courses:

Professional Development (PD) for teachers and school leaders is recognised as vital element in the quality of teaching and learning in schools. While we live in evolving world of changes and challenges, supporting the complex skills needed for students are necessary to prepare them further for work and education in the 21st Century skills integration. PD is a structured professional learning that results in changes in teachers and schools leader’s practices and improvements in student learning outcomes. In order for students to develop mastery of challenges content, effective communication and collaboration, problem-solving, and self-direction, teachers and school leaders must employ more sophisticated forms of teaching and governance. PD is key for teachers and school leaders’ learning and refining the pedagogies and governance required to teach these skills.

PD incorporates some of the following elements:

• Is content focused?
• Incorporates active learning
• Supports collaboration
• Uses models of effective practice
• Provides coaching and expert support
• Offers feedback and reflection
• Is of sustained duration

At AHT&E Solutions, our experts through research and practice identify features of effective professional learning and evidence of its effects. Our training programs can guide schools and operational systems to lead to significant and sustained improvement in student’s opportunities to learn and improve the performance of school governance.

We are not only having a set of PD programs for teachers and school leaders, we also provide tailored service in which we can help schools in developing their capacity in education and governance.

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We offer the following online courses:

1. Inclusive Professional Learning for students with Diverse Learning Needs (not offered yet)
2. Evidence-based teaching approaches for your classroom (not offered yet)

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Policy & Corporate Governance courses: (Not available yet)

Certificate of attainment in Governance Essentials (available Online & face-to-face)

The course aims to explain what governance is about and examine how governance frameworks, structure, operations, and processes contribute to enhance organisational performance and achieve strategic objectives.

The key objectives are to:

• Define governance
• Explain why good governance is integral to the achievement of organisational objectives
• Highlight the key elements of governance and the ‘whole-of-organisation’ approach to governance
• Provide case studies that highlight current issues in governance
• Identify key legislation, regulations, standards, and guidelines that influence corporate governance in Australia
• Discuss the role of the board and directors in corporate governance

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Training Courses in Australia (On Campus): (Not available yet)

Teachers & Education leaders Professional Development courses

• Inclusive Professional Learning for students with diverse learning needs (Griffith University – Gold Coast)
• Evidence-based teaching approaches for your classroom (The University of Queensland - Brisbane)
• PD for teachers – Applying IT Tools and Methodologies in Class
• PD for teachers – STEM (Monash University – Melbourne)
• Curriculum Design & Development (ACT Education Directorate)
• Policy & Corporate Governance courses (Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis – Canberra)

Public sector & Schools Consultancy Training can sharpen skills for public servants and school teachers and educational leaders, but even the best training has limits. Some problems are too deeply buried in the fabric of organisation or schools to solve by training alone. As a rule of thumb, provided courses by our partners are perfect for addressing performance issues, but when you are trying to change culture in organisation you need something stronger. It is where AHT&E Solutions consultancy services can help.

No matter what the organisation as government department or as a school, one of our consultants has probably been there before, Every AHT&E Solutions consultant is a practicing governance and professional, most with decades of experience under the belt. Their knowledge in dealing with day-to-day changes and challenges is well equipped with wealth of experience to guide you towards the best and most practical solutions for your organisation.

Our Canberra office along with our offices and consultants around the world can welcome public organisations & schools of all shapes and sizes from every part of the planet. We will help your organisation to emerge out of the process as stronger, healthier, and better in performing the best practice of their chosen field.

For more information about our programs and services, please make an enquiry.


For more information about our programs and services, please make an enquiry.